At Cherubs Early Learning and Kindergarten, we are passionate about giving every child the best start to life.

The first five years of a child’s life are crucial, building the foundations for their future growth and development.

It is during these early years that children start to make sense of the world around them, developing their physical, personal, social and emotional well-being, along with shaping a lifelong love of learning.

Our highly-skilled educators design experiences and routines to provide children with the opportunity to explore and discover, encouraging and inspiring creativity and curiosity.

We strive to build a strong sense of social awareness and help to raise children who are considerate and respectful.






Our Educators

We have a wonderful team of long-standing educators, all highly qualified in Early Childhood Education and carefully selected for their caring nature, experience, and passion for education. This includes Bachelor Qualified Early Childhood Teachers for our Kindergarten program.

Our educators are encouraged to continue their education to keep well informed of the latest pedagogical practices in early learning.

Each of our educators hold a current senior first aid and CPR certificate and undertake regular asthma and anaphylaxis training.

We would love to have the opportunity to meet you and show you around our child care centre and kindergarten.


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Our Nursery is a welcoming, safe and nurturing environment where you can leave, knowing your precious little one will be cared for by committed and loving educators.

At Cherubs, our educators work closely with our Nursery families to maintain your home routine for feeding, sleeping and play. A wide range of engaging experiences are introduced each day to support your baby’s growth and development, promoting cognitive, motor and social-emotional skills.

The Nursery is designed with safety and fun in mind, featuring stimulating age-appropriate resources and furnishings to encourage sensory exploration.

Included in your daily fee:

· Nappies
· Wipes
· Sunscreen
· Nutritious meals prepared for each stage of development by our qualified chef
· Stimulating and fun learning experiences based on the Early Years Learning Framework

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2 – 3 YEARS


Cherubs Early Learning Centre provides a fun and engaging environment where your child is supported to explore and grow, building confidence and independent thinking.

Using a play-based learning approach, we provide an exciting and varied range of experiences designed around each child’s individual interests and development stage. We maintain a strong focus on developing literacy in the early years along with introducing math and science concepts in an interesting and enjoyable way.

Our stimulating and spacious indoor and outdoor learning areas allow children to explore their environment, promoting imagination and creativity while developing essential fine and gross motor skills.

Our educators aim to create a balance between structured and spontaneous experiences introducing everyday life skills such as good manners, basic daily routines and hygiene into the daily curriculum, along with developing social and emotional skills. We model positive relationships with others and encourage the children to care for the environment.

Included in your daily fee:

· Nappies
· Wipes
· Sunscreen
· Nutritious meals prepared by our qualified chef
· Daily Chinese Lessons
· ‘Hey Dee Ho’ Music Program
· Bike Safety
· Stimulating and fun learning experiences planned around the Early Years Learning Framework

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Early Years Childcare




3 – 5 YEARS



Our government approved Kindergarten Program builds the foundations for a smooth and exciting transition to school.

The curriculum is based on the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines which provides opportunities for children to learn through both structured and spontaneous, play-based experiences.

Run by a Bachelor Qualified Early Childhood Teacher, our Kindergarten Program has a strong literacy focus and develops essential skills in the areas of Science, Mathematics, and Technology through stimulating, hands-on learning.

At Cherubs Kindergarten, our programs are flexible, providing a balance between intentional teaching and spontaneous learning and exploration.

Our educators design experiences around the children’s individual interests and needs, providing engaging learning opportunities that extend their knowledge and understanding of the world.

We aim to challenge each child’s thinking, encouraging curiosity and creativity, setting them up for a lifelong love of learning. We strive to prepare each child socially and emotionally for the transition to primary school, building independence and self-help skills.

The new kindergarten building features the latest learning resources including a library where children can borrow and take home reading books, encouraging a desire to read with their family.  

Included in your daily fee:

· Stimulating and fun learning experiences based on the Queensland Kindergarten Guidelines
· Nutritious meals prepared by our qualified chef
· Jolly Phonics Program
· Numeracy Program
· Science and Investigation
· Daily Chinese lessons
· ‘Hey Dee Ho’ Music Program
· 'Yarning with Charlie'
· Library
· Cooking
· Chess Lessons with 'Chess Mates'
· Yoga and Relaxation
· Bike Safety
· Sunscreen
· Pull-ups (if required)
· Hats provided
· Option of long-daycare hours

Our Kindergarten program runs from 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday, with the option for long daycare hours from 6:30am to 6:00pm at no additional cost.

Our kindergarten is open all year round, including school holidays.

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5 – 12 YEARS



We offer Vacation Care for school-aged children during school holiday periods and After-School Care for families that can deliver their child to the Centre.

Contact our friendly Centre Manager to find out more.